IVs Camera

This app shows Pokemon's IV perfection(%) for Pokemon GO app, using iOS device's camera.

So you need one more iOS device to install this app besides your iOS device with Pokemon GO app.

This app keeps the image and the values with tapping the screen. You can see them in Viewer page.

This app is made by a fan of Pokemon GO, and it is unofficial.

iOS 13.0 or later


Plivacy policy

This app uses the camera to see the image of Pokemon GO app.

When you take images, they are stored in your device and you can delete them.

We do not collect any information from you on this app.

In addition, this app uses AdMob (Google Inc.) to display advertisements. Please check the following link for information collected by AdMob, purpose of use etc.

Google policy

Terms of use

We assume no responsibility for any result caused by using this application and the external content.

About sound

Maoudamashii owns the copyright of the sound used in this app.



If you have any opinions or questions, please contact us.

email : contact (at) ringsbell (dot) net

author's twitter : yt

Revision history

version 1.0.2 released on November 26, 2019